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amazonite star Laurel's Bespoke Creations amazonite star 

"Unique, hand-crafted items for you and your mons!"

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, since I created Laurel, but couldn't find the time to do. Laurel creates plushies and other items in her spare time and her Pokemon have persuaded her to open up her services to other trainers!

General information:
- For PKMN-CrescentCavern members only!
- A small signature will be placed near the lineart unless specified otherwise in the 'other preferences' section.
- Artwork can be placed on reference sheets, deviations, profiles as you wish - please give credit for the art (optional: and a link to this journal) in the artists comments etc.
- Background will be transparent unless specifies otherwise in the 'other preferences' section.
- You can specify in the 'other preferences' sections whether you want items to be uploaded separately / only with your own items / mixed with other people's commissions. If no preference is given, I'll do whatever is easier. Separate files can be uploaded to stash regardless of how they're uploaded to deviantART.
- You can specify whether you want one of your mons (or trainer) to help in the making of the item, for that extra personal touch. Their help will be mentioned in the description. For some items, a mon may need to be a particular type to help.
- If you want specific items / additions to items, please give me a good description. You can also point me to some artwork / sketches / doodles depicting what you want.

When to pay:
- Payment is required before Laurel starts your items to make sure she can cover material costs.
- I will do items three slots at a time and leave all other comments in a 'queue' until a slot is freed up,
so please do not send payment until I confirm!
- If I do not reply to your comment, it doesn't mean I haven't seen it, it just means a slot isn't free yet. I will simply let you know when I'm ready for you to send payment. This is to ensure I don't have lots of people who have made payments, just in case I have to close commissions, and to help me keep track of who's paid.
- I may alter this queuing system later, depending on how well it works.

amazonite star SERVICE DESCRIPTIONS amazonite star 

Pixel: Purple Star Pixel: Purple Star Pixel: Purple Star Laurel's Bespoke Plushie Service Pixel: Purple Star Pixel: Purple Star Pixel: Purple Star 

~Adorable plushies of your beloved Pokemon~

"Hand-made with the finest materials to look like your Pokemon. Buy for yourself or give your Pokemon a toy of itself for company. You may provide some of your own materials if you wish to give it that extra personal touch."

((Please note: These are drawn plushies, not actual ones! they will be drawn to look like they've been made of patches of material and will generally be a highly simplified version of the mon, due to the difficult getting file scale detail into plushies.))

Example: Dragonite plushie from here.

Laurel's helpers: Orchid and Violet

PRICE: 100 Points / 200 caps

Limited time offer: 50 Points / 100 caps (HALF PRICE) for the first 3 slots!!

Number of plushies:
Total cost:
[Fill the following in for each plushie]
Pokemon's ref link:
Preferred pose: Remember these are plushies, which tend to be quite soggy, so not all poses will be possible. E.g. quadrupeds can be made to stand on all fours but making a biped plushie stand is more difficult.
Colour pallet: Should the colours match the Pokemon, or do you want something different?
Special materials: Do you want any specific materials to be incorporated? E.g. part of an old blanket the mon used to have as a baby, a button from your trainer's coat, etc. If not specified, Laurel will use a range of materials from her collection.
Accessories?: Does your mon have any accessories you want including? Will be pieces together out of whatever material Laurel can find.
Any other preferences?: E.g. Drawing preferences - coloured vs black lineart; image on its own or on a deviation with other plushies (a separate stash file can be uploaded regardless).


Opening this up as a trial run with 3 available slots.
You can order more than one plushie, this will still take up just one slot and all plushies ordered within this slot will be at the limited time price.
    3. CLOSED
(will open again later at usual price)
Please fill out the form below to claim a slot.

Drawn-plushie commissions devised by careas


careas has started a donation pool!
2,052 / 2,500
Please please please consider donating! Every point is appreciated!

Also, note me if you are interested in commissions.
Plus see my latest commissions -> Bottled~Pets
Other commission information here ->…

Help to make Pokemon-Nano into a super group by donating at:

:iconnano-donations: Nano-Donations :iconnano-donations:

Thanks very much :happybounce:

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OXxDarkStarxXO Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Want to breed woth my pokemon?
careas Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018
Which ones? :)
OXxDarkStarxXO Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Any, you can choose any of my babies
Artemideus Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Careas careas!!!!! I have an exp share!! We can develop Wolfy and Bluette's rivalry/relationship now OvO!
careas Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017

(I should probably update Wolfy's reference sheet... months after his evolution...)
creepyponylover Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2017  Student Artist
Hey, how are we planning on splitting the clutch? We never really got down to that which is my fault, probably shouldn't do so many clutches next time ^^'
careas Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017
Oh sorry. I'll reply to the note
creepyponylover Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Student Artist
It's alright!
Elyzalea Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Psst, are you making an event entry for CC September part 1? I'm thinking of having Eli and his Pokemon noticing the weather change in a forest and thought it might be cool to draw your trainer too and have them meet. Let me know if thats alright!
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